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Basic Definitions For the VT Field Force

Getting Started with Basic Definitions:

  • USMA DAD - Admissions Officer/Regional Coordinator 
    • An active duty officer at DAD, usually a graduate of the Academy, who is assigned to coordinate the admissions process with respect to particular regions of the United States, originally structured to mirror the Educational Testing Service (ETS).

  • State Coordinator 
    • a person (or persons) from a given state of the US who coordinates the various programs and activities pertaining to the admissions process within that state.

  • Zip Area Coordinator (ZAC)
    • an Admissions Field Force Representative responsible for overseeing the Admissions activities within a defined geographic subsection of a particular state. The "zip areas" are based on regions of zip codes established by national testing organizations such as the College Boards.
        • ZAC A : 
        • ZAC B: 

  • Admissions Participant (AP)
    • a person in a state who works under the direction of his or her ZAC, State Coordinator, and Regional Commander to identify and assist potential candidates to West Point with the Admissions process.

  • Military Academy Liaison Officer (MALO)
    • a Reservist "on orders" who earns retirement points by representing the Admissions Field Force.

  • Points Only Liaison Officer (POLO)
    • a Reservist who earns retirement points by representing the Admissions Field Force.

  • Admissions Field Force Representative (AFF or AFFR)
    • ALL of the above. Most AFFs are volunteers and may be active duty military, reservists, USMA graduates, members of West Point Parents Clubs, as well as any person interested in supporting the mission of the United States Military Academy and the Directorate of Admissions.