Candidate Contacts

1. Initial contact with mailings (PSATs, Eagle Scouts, etc.)

The State coordinator will receive from USMA Admissions in the Spring of each year a list of address labels belonging to students from Vermont who have done well on the latest PSAT exam. These students will then receive a letter from the State Coordinator congratulating them for a job well, describing the benefits of a West Point education, and providing them with contact information to begin the Admissions process if so inclined.

2. Introductory call to candidates - June to August

Once the names of Juniors and other potential candidates begin to appear on the MCRR and FF website, the State Coordinator will contact FF members near the candidates to offer assistance, provide guidance, schedule an interview, and help begin their admissions process.

3. Monthly Candidate Referral report (MCRR) or FF website drives follow-up

The MCRR and now the FF website are the sources of information containing the most up to date and accurate information pertaining to the candidate(s) application process. It will tell what has been completed, what is still pending, and the potential for whether or not a candidate will be accepted to West Point. Check the FF web site as often as you can. Use this information to encourage candidates to complete their files.

4. Formal interview

This is the tool that helps the Admissions department better evaluate the ability of each candidate to meet the rigors of cadet life. It is also a great tool for introducing yourself as the FF representative to the candidate allowing you to answer questions and help provide direction. It is our time to evaluate each candidate regarding his or her interest in and knowledge of the cadet experience and history of the Academy, true desire to attend, leadership potential, and knowledge and understanding of the Cadet Honor Code.