Congressional Liaison

1. One out of five congressional districts either do not nominate or do not nominate qualified candidates
  • The State Coordinator and/or ZACs can and should develop "liaisons" with those staff memebrs of each
  • congressional office whose responsibility is coordinator the nomination process for their member of Congress.
  • In this capacity you can assist the staffers with selecting highly qualified candidates, educate staffers on the
  • benefits of a West Point education and career in the United States Army, and serve as a local resource to their
  • respective offices.
2. Assistance with selection committees (WPS, WPPC, MALO)
  • Currently, members of the FF are not directly involved in the selection of candidates for nomination by the
  • Congressional offices. 
3. Must have positive local coordination with congressional offices
  • The FF should strive to keep Congressional staffers appraised of changes in the Admissions process.
  • Invite staffer attendance to By-Invites and Educator Luncheons conducted within the state.