Cadet Public Relations Council (CPRC)

Is a wonderful tool for spreading the word about West Point. In the Fall, Spring, and around Graduation cadets who meet the necessary academic requirements will be released one to two days before or after their vacations in order to visit local schools and youth organizations to talk about West Point. Use Cadets to spread the message

The keys to a successful CPRC visit include:

Pursue media coverage (TV/Radio/Newspapers/PAO)

  • Contact local papers and radio stations for possible interviews and to announce that a cadet from the local community will be home and visiting area schools and organizations. Especially consider visits to Junior High Schools, to freshman and sophomore classes in local high schools, as special guest to history classes, to youth oriented organizations such as Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts, Kiwanis Clubs, and the Rotary. Consider also visits to VFW and DAV meetings. Invite the local press along.
  • Try to avoid having cadets meet with students in guidance counselors' offices, and do not allow meetings in lunch rooms or in hallways between classes. Once again, consider options such as speaking during history or science classes or at assemblies.
To be successful you must:

Organize each visit well in advance of the scheduled date. Provide the cadet with a time for the visit, a contact person, and when necessary, directions on how to get to the particular site. Follow-up each CPRC visit with a full evaluation of each site visit. Please refer to the following forms for scheduling and evaluating CPRC visits:


The usual venues for CPRC visits include:

  • Hometown visits
  • Candidate Orientation visits
  • Special Trips
  • Academic Individual Advanced Development Program
  • Liaison Officer Conference
  • Invitational Academic Workshop
  • Boys and Girls State