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Duties of the Admissions Participant

Regularly monitor our Admission FF website, the USMA FF website, and participate in our List server

Develop communication with senior leadership in the local schools and communities to spread the word about West Point. Become their Point of Contact regarding West Point Admissions.

Work directly with prospective candidates. Provide assistance with the application process, answering any questions that arise. Work pro-actively with prospective candidates with open files to encourage early completion of the Admissions process.

Conduct the Candidate Interview as soon as possible after their file has been opened. This allows you the opportunity to begin the proactive assistance portion of your work. Follow this list of priorities:

  • Admissible Candidates - complete immediately or by 1 January
  • Competitive Candidates - complete ASAP or by 1 February
  • Risks Candidates - complete as indicated

However, as FF representatives we can provide the greatest assistance to all prospective candidates, admissible or not, by conducting the Candidate Interview as soon as possible after their file becomes active.

At least twice a year, Fall and Spring, visit one or two local middle and/or high school, youth-fostering organizations and home school support groups with you have develop a stewardship function. Meet with Superintendents, Principles, Teachers, Guidance Counselors, Career Specialists, and/or Athletic Directors. Ensure that they have USMA admissions materials on hand with your personal contact information.

Assist with College Fairs and Academy Days within the state of Vermont

Assist with and conduct Educator Luncheons and Candidate By-Invites throughout the state

Present Appointments to Accepted Candidates at graduation or awards ceremonies

Recruit classmates and members of the WPPC to join the Vermont FF