High School Visits

In today's society, many of our young children are growing up in families with parents and grandparents with no history of military service. And especially here in Vermont, there are many high school guidance counselors who actively dissuade students from a career in today's military. One way to minimize this impact on our youth is to encourage each FF member to "adopt" one or two local Junior and Senior High Schools. What do we mean by "adopt"?

  1. Establish a relationship with the school Counselors
  2. Check the guidance office for the USMA catalog/take one poster
  3. Ask the members of the WP Parents Club and/or WPS to also adopt a school
  4. Serve as the POC for your "adopted" schools & try to visit each twice a year
  5. Recruit for guidance counselors Educator Luncheons and/or the annual Educator visit to West Point
  6. Discuss with the counselors any open files and how you might help ... or lack of open files!!!