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Duties of the ZAC

Invent and expand opportunities for getting the word out about West Point, and the privilege of national service, to the senior leadership of our private and public middle and high schools, youth fostering organizations, and home schooling support groups. Our goal to inform especially younger students from grades 6 to 11.

Ensure that all AP's use the DAD’s Admissions Field Force Website, which list prospective candidates in our area and shows the status of their file at the DAD

Ensure that as soon as DAD opens a file for a prospective candidate, the candidate is contacted, welcomed and offered assistance in the application process by a member of the Vermont FF

Support our Vermont FF members with materials, education, encouragement, guidance, and as a resource to answer questions posed by prospective candidates and their parents

Organize Educator luncheons, prospective candidate By-Invites, College Fairs, and other local events using members of the FF, WPS, and WPPC. The costs of By-Invites which feature the presence of the Regional Commander or other Admissions Officer and may include room rental, meal, audio-visual support is borne by the Admissions Officer and should not exceed $500 (but may be negotiable)

Coordinate the itineraries of Cadets participating in the Cadet Public Relations Program (CPRC) program

Coordinate the presentation of Appointments at High School graduations and/or Awards ceremonies

Update and coordinate Liaison and events with the Congressional Assistants for Academy Nominations

Refer parents of Accepted Candidates to the nearest West Point Parents Club (WPPC)

Maintain a Vermont database containing contact information middle and high school guidance departments, principles, and superintendents; youth-fostering organizations and home school support groups; and Vermont’s Admissions Field Force Representatives